Yesterday I attended the Dirty Deeds CX Mother’s day skills session at the Harrison Street velodrome. Mostly because my daughter Maisy thought we should. And for a mum who loves riding bikes, it’s pretty awesome to spend mother’s day morning learning CX skills with your kids.

     My CX bike has been sitting in my bike room for a pretty long time with flat tires. I got it out a few weekends ago to take it for a spin (on a day when I’d already got to ride 2 of my other bikes) and I’d forgotten how nice it is to ride.

     So we headed to the Velodrome after coffee, and I remembered a few things about CX that I’d forgotten over the summer once we started practice:

  • CX presents a whole new way to hurt myself on a bike in more ways than one. Thus today I have sore legs from running with a bike, trying to jump over barricades, trying to dismount before properly clipping out and trying to outdo Erica Gurner.
  • I also have bruises on my shoulders and arms from trying to learn a new way of carrying a bike. And also from crashing.
  • And the racing really hurts too.

     It was a really nice sunny day and there was an awesome turnout of women of all levels of experience, kids, and interested blokes. There was a big range of bikes and even some skin suits too.

     So after a quick into from the Dirty Deeds and crew and a mass warm up, we split into 2 grown up groups and a kids group.

     We practiced dismounts, mounts, cornering, race starts, jumping over barricades and some new ways to carry a bike. For some people jumping over a barricade comes naturally and they even look quite elegant. Such as those with long legs like Erica. But when you have short legs it’s just not natural. So that is what I will be practicing more of. The kids group got to have a skidding competition even.

     The day finished with a race for each group. It was excellent fun and I was so glad I went along. Thanks to the Dirty Deeds crew for organising and for such great instruction and to the Brunswick Cycling Club and Dave for hosting.

     So now it’s officially CX season. Next weekend is the Big Hill Events Dirty Grand Fondo with lots of people entered. Unfortunately I can’t attend, as I will be pumping out essays. And then the following week is the Dirty Deeds Prologue. I hope it rains so there’s some mud to make it more interesting. Rain the day before I should see. Fun!

- Amity Mcswan

Published on Tuesday, May 14, 2013 in Events, Team News.


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