• The Melbourne Bucket List - No. 3

    9 Apr 2014

    Less then 5 kms from Melbourne centre lies the Yarra Trails. This extensive network offers the perfect escapism from the city traffic.

  • The Melbourne Bucket List - No. 2

    7 Apr 2014

    The technical trails of The Stockyards attract most riders to the You Yangs. Many also venture to the far side of the rocky bluffs to get lost in the plantation.

  • The Melbourne Bucket List - No. 1

    3 Apr 2014

    Ask a Melbournian their favourite MTB destination and you'll likely hear about Stonefly, Copperhead or Corn Hill at Mt Buller

  • Specialized Release their first 650B Mountain Bikes

    29 Mar 2014

    Specialized have just released the latest bike from their stables and this time there's a new wheel size. Utilising a 650b size wheelset Specialized have created the Stumpjumper FSR Evo bikes for the 2015 lineup in the slightly larger sized wheel than the 26 inch.

  • End of Summer Sale

    27 Mar 2014

    We’re clearing out the summer stock! Tell friends family, people you see riding on the street and anyone who know who’s a cyclist. Yes, even if your grandmother cycles.. tell her!